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Old Rhodes Album

A blast from the Washington DC Disco scene!

Official Video

The Official music video for Old Rhodes was produced in 2021 by Rory Sheridan

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The album can be streamed on all major sites

About the Album:

Three songs total. Two songs, “Bob’s Berimbau” and “John’s Vibe,” recorded in the ‘70s disco era in Washington, DC were unearthed and restored. The songs would have been heard at dance clubs such as the Harambe House and the historic and iconic Clubhouse. The third song, “Old Rhodes,” was recently composed using the same Fender Rhodes that Arthur played in the ‘70s. 

The band toured the world with Van McCoy (famous for “the Hustle”), playing for President Carter to the King of Thailand. Later, upon McCoy’s untimely death, they played clubs in the District of Columbia.

Players on Bob’s Berimbau and John’s Vibe are Dennis Richie (guitar), James Funches (bass), John Wares (conga and vibes) and Arthur Lisi (keyboard). Recordings were restored and mastered by Ben Green of Ivakota Studios, Washington, DC.

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