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Arthur Lisi Music Video, produced in 2021 by Rory Sheridan

Arthur is a currently a Master piano and music theory Instructor at Music & Arts in Springfield, Va.

Music and Arts piano and music theory instructor

Arthur is the musical director for country star Doctor Cleve Francis, Arthur directs Cleve’s annual show at the Birchmere Music Hall, and directed and plays all keyboards on Dr Francis’ most recent 2007 album, “Storytime, live from from the Birchmere” streaming on all platforms.

Storytime Cleve Francis Spotify

Arthur has recently released an instrumental album available on all platforms. “Old Rhodes which can be found streaming on all sites, and for purchase on Bandcamp.

Old Rhodes

Arthur provides sound, records and plays about town for various performers, and as Keyboardist in local bands, his own Jazz Trotters – and a member of the Surf Jaguars. Arthur produced the 2020 Stroke Of Luck album and the 2022 Album Homecoming Album for the King Street Bluegrass band.

Arthur Lisi Performance Schedule

Interview on
Jan 22, 2021
“Building Abundant Success”
by award winning podcaster
Sabrina Wilson
Art Lisi ~ BMI Award Winner, NBC, FOX, Nick Jr. Television Musical Composer. on IHeart Radio and all platforms, including Apple Amazon

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Arthur Lisi tells all in this 2021
WOWD 94.3 FM Radio interview
with DJ Wayne Kahn:

Personal life

Arthur Lisi is a first generation Italian, as both parents were from Arezzo, Italy. The youngest of five children, He has lost a brother closest to him, also a musician, David Lisi. David was a fine double reed player and played bassoon in Vietnam. His sister and two remaining brothers are residing in Md, Va and the oldest in Florida.

Arthur is a father of four children, and a doting grandfather, all of whom play music. His son Anthony Lisi who originally played with both his brother Arthur Jr and Sr in the popular “spoof” band Rattler, now has the punk band the Pee Circles. Andrea Lisi, a punk artist, formerly in Del Cielo, now heading the Houston band Cool Moon. .

Arthur playing with his family
Black Cat DC

As an active member of the Mason Neck Lions Club, Arthur has raised countless funds by playing music and running sound for human and animal charity events, most recently for the homeless affected by COVID, the 25th Project, and the Standarbred Retirement Foundation.

Arthur is involved in harness racing with his wife Nancy, a longtime horsewoman, they are both now champions of racehorse aftercare.

Arthur reunites with his old racehorse
Sweet Baby Gherkin

Cosby did a show in Richmond, 2013 and invited his two musical directors backstage for a chat & photo op.
Cosby jokingly writes on the photo pointing to Stu Gardner; “Where are we?“

and to Arthur: “It’s him again

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